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Here are some weird and wonderful phrases, and commonly used words which derive from Cornish

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Cornish Sayings

CornishRough English meaning
'teazy asn adder'a little bit moody!
'rough as rats' or 'rough as a bag of nails'of poor or uncouth upbringing
'drekly'later - but the sort of later that will probably never come!
'gibmere aminut' give it here a minute
'costymuch didda?' did it cost you much?
'gait gust' great gust (of wind)
'two skats behind' following up at the rear
'go like the mail'goes quickly - like the mail coach in the good old days
'matter do a?'
(said quickly and with 'a' pronounced phonetically)
does it matter?
'nawn diddy?' did you know him? (literally: know him did you?)
'tellundiddy?' did you tell him? (literally: tell him did you?)
'got feet like half-crown shovels'got big feet!
'face like a white-washed wall'pale
'so near as the grave'tight with money!
'woteedoinov?' what are you doing? (literally: what you doing of)
'aaveeseenun?' have you seen him?
'so daft as a carrot half-scraped'not very bright!
'gussenup angitten' go and get it (literally: get on up and get it)
'costy muchdidda?' did it cost you much? (literally: cost you much did it?)
'oweenawtha?' how do you know that?
'teeonisuh?' is the kettle on? (literally: tea on is it?)
'perdee inna?'pretty isn't it?

Dialect Words- words originating from Cornish

CornishHow its used now
Stankya - meaning to trampleStank - used meaning a hike or long walk
- meaning blow, or skwat - crushing blow, or skwatya - crush, hit or squash
- meaning to knock down ("I'll scat 'ee down" often heard in Cornish pubs after a few beers! - "I'll knock you down/ hit you down")
Heller - a wild natured personthis is the original word with the original meaning - a real nuisance, eg. that little Harry is a real heller
Teazy - derived from Tesek meaning hot tempered or irritablestill commonly used with the same meaning, eg. she's teazy asn adder
Geek - derived from Gyki meaning to take a quick glance atstill commonly used with the same meaning, eg. take a quick geek o' that

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